Looking for a job in Malta can be extremely exhausting, most often testing your commitment. Here you can find guaranteed tips that really matter for job hunting.

A normal adult person either is studying or working on a daily basis. But there is a transitional period which covers a very serious part of our lives and that’s the reason why it is not an overstatement to call it a separate lifestyle. This is job hunting. Looking for a job in Malta is very tiring, sometimes with successes, sometimes with failures, but in every case, it’s a lengthy process that can take weeks, months, or even worse years. What exactly does a decent, good jobseeker? How to look for and how to find a job? How to find the most suitable job openings?

Do your research

The first and most important question is that you have to find tasks that suit your personality, even if these jobs have never been considered before. Either you’re looking for a part-time job in Malta, a full-time job, you should open yourself up to all the job opportunities. Once you have found the professions you like, you should not despair because you have not learned or know anything about them.

After this, you can make research on job websites, learn more about the negative and positive side of the professions you choose. Moreover, you can collect information about the future of it. You should also take into consideration the salary you can expect from this profession. If you are not sure about a job’s salary in Malta, check out this website.

After all this, let’s get started on social media!

Make a research on Facebook groups or Read employee reviews from anyone who has first-hand experience in working in Malta. You can even ask for a personal opinion. Do they think it’s worth to start working in this field? These research methods are worth doing in several professions you are considering.

Professionally rewritten CV and proofreading

After completing the research, your CV is the next step! It is worth it to write a CV showing your experiences so far and the ambitions you have set for yourself in your research for a job in Malta. You can read here about what skills are in demand locally. Moreover, you can find a lot of CV makers and creators online. While writing your cover letter you should focus on having perfect English grammar!

Our primary goal is to raise the employer’s interest at all costs, even if we do not have experience in this field yet. We can describe our motivation for this job (why this field, why not any other?). Our future vision and our wide knowledge of the job (based on readings, research).

As you do not yet have professional experience, it is worthwhile to apply for assistant jobs,
they usually expect people with work experience in starting positions. You will probably be able to fill the position of an assistant as you probably have enough personal experience from just your everyday life.

Furthermore, if you are already finished with your research and settled on a field after careful research, then it is quite likely that your personality traits also match the personality traits that are essential to the field.

Job interview: stay focused and patient

First and foremost, make sure you ask questions on the job interview. The questions can be about anything that comes to your mind (colleagues, company culture, can you work from home …). Remember that there are no bad interview questions to ask.

What you really need to pay attention to is the timing and your tone while asking a question.

For example:

Bad Question: Can I leave before work?

Good Question: How do you manage your work hours?

Some other tips are to don’t start to ask the employer about business secrets and don’t start scolding someone together with them.

If you are going through a career change, it is important that you do not let the possibility of a job opportunity in Malta, or the fear of becoming unemployed to make you too indulgent or affect your judgment on the job, as we are mostly acting on impulses during this time.

If you can’t find a common voice with the boss, it probably won’t change later. If you already have a bad feeling about the employer in the interview, you won’t feel any different later on as well.

From the job interview, you can draw a lot of conclusions about the company culture itself, and you can also get a clearer view of the company from their website.

Why is company culture so important?

Based on the desk of the colleagues, you can deduce how well-organized the company is. Clearly a huge pile of paper on the table indicates inefficiency, therefore represents a company with bad culture. Are there any houseplants and how un-cared for are they? Such little things can help you figure out if you’ll work in a frustrated or rather harmonious environment. Where there is no order in the work environment, there will be no order in the work processes. The chaotic, messy environment shows that this is acceptable here and/or that there is no time for the colleagues to organize themselves.

Here you can find the most common interview questions to help you with the preparation for a job in Malta.

Don’t be a perfectionist

Often, the job seeker complains about failure, in which case the biggest mistake can already be discovered. These people work for hours on the look of their CV, while the content remains the same (and still incorrect). They are the ones who break down, because they’ve been preparing themselves for a long time for their job interview, and when they leave their home it starts to rain, which will make their shoes wet and they won’t look perfect. These people give measured answers in the interview because they want to give a perfect picture of themselves to the interviewer.

The important thing is that it doesn’t have to be perfect, just good enough to get the job. You can’t be perfect anyway.

Moreover, it is important to know that you are not failing when you are negotiating a job and realize that you have to say no to it. That you realized that it is not for you is also a success, just not the one yet that you are looking for. It was still important because you asked questions and you discovered that it wasn’t for you. Still, you were so much better off than if you had already started working and found out then, then you would have to start again with your searching for an open vacancy job in Malta.

Job Hunting Made Easy! Find jobs in Malta with Us.

It is very clear from the above that you need to be purposeful and self-aware to find a job in Malta.

The perfect way to look at the job search is to do it as it’s your main occupation, so take your time and invest energy and time into these tasks, once the opportunity arises for a job in Malta.

We know finding and landing a new job is stressful enough, but by applying these points, you’ll make your job searching a little easier and will have a better chance of landing a job in Malta sooner.

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