So you have set your heart on this honey pot of gold in the middle of the Mediterranean deep blue sea: there is so much packed into this place it’s hard to summarize it all into one blog post!

Malta is located approximately 30 miles south of Sicily in the Mediterranean and boasts a Mediterranean climate, a top- class medical system, and an English speaker population.

Malta is a very small island and an independent nation, bursting with history from prehistoric times and a mish-mash of architectures and people. You can drive from one point of the island to the other in one hour.  The main religion in Malta is Catholicism which is hard to ignore from all the churches dotted around the island and special day festas.

The biggest industry in Malta is tourism because of over 300 days of sunshine per year.

Find a Wealth of jobs in Malta  

The skills gap is where you could fit particularly, technological and digital skills are seriously lacking. While the University of Malta and numerous colleges are contributing to the highly qualified staff, there is still a major gap as companies look to recruit talented, experienced people.

As a consequence, almost half of Malta ‘s employers hire foreigners. Malta is booming–a supported by EU membership with an advanced economy. The tourism sector represents only 12% of GDP, with a significant impact on other sectors, from film to finance to gaming and media.

Malta is part of the EU so EU citizens can live and work without a visa in other EU countries. However, most third-country citizens will need a living and working permit in Malta. The EU immigration portal (https://ec.europa.eu/immigration/) provides full details of visa requirements for all EU countries. Should you need assistance with this JobFinder can handle your visa for you as part of the very reasonable relocation package.

You can afford a great life-work balance there is barely a commute here you are like to be working and living in either St Julians or the capital of Valletta or very close proximity to.

Valletta the capital city of Malta is the serious part with the law courts and Sliema has the shops and beach clubs and St Julians has the Nightlife that can be very amusing.

Malta Valletta

Affordable living  in Malta

You may think that it is only the very wealthy that can afford living on a beautiful sun-soaked Mediterranean Island. In Malta, not so. Surprisingly, dollars can go far. Some retired expats say they are just 2300 euros or less a month living comfortably. Furnished one bedroom suitable for apartments start at 600 euros per month per month in central areas in Msida and are a 10-minute walk from the sea. Look to spend at least 1000 euros up a month a month for a furnished two-bedroom with sea views.

Food shopping eating out in Malta are much cheaper than you could imagine. For example, for just 20 euros per person, you can have a good seaside three-course meal— including a drink of wine from the area. Furthermore, with the island’s small size and large (and affordable) transport network, some expats live gladly and without cars, saving thousands for payments for cars, insurance and garage costs.

If you feel like you have to leave the island for a break the rest of Europe is only a short flight–or a ferry ride with lots of direct low cost flights.

As part of the European Schengen zone, EU citizens automatically gain access to high-quality healthcare, sunshine and warm weather all year round. It hosts Europe’s warmest capital city and also boasts some of the best total sunshine-hours and temperatures. The EU is currently funding a long list of restoration and growth projects, all of which make the islands more pretty, cleaner, more organized and more attractive to tourists and residents. The development is taking off and things keep getting better &  better come and see for yourself .